Episode 1

Australia's toughest woman and WBC Silver Female Super-Bantamweight Champion, Shannon O’Connell, lost her father in a motorcycle accident at the age of two and watched her mother die from drug addiction years later. Shannon vowed to make a better life for herself and her children and not follow her mothers’ footsteps of turning to drugs. Instead, Shannon turned to boxing as a way to fight the demons of a little girl trying to survive a very rough childhood. “The ­reason I love boxing is because it's tough, and tough is what I know. My life has been a fight ever since my father died, and the tough competition you get in boxing has helped me find myself and cope with things like depression.”

“If my story inspires one person, then that’s a victory”.

If you would like to learn more about boxing or how Shannon can help you get back on your feet, you can connect with Shannon through the links below:

Shotgun Shannon Fitness and Boxing

‘Shotgun’ Shannon O’Connell

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