How do we connect into the art of self-love and stay on a path of kindness when life throws curve balls? How can we possibly navigate our way through heart ache and pain when it feels so overwhelming? The beautiful Kim Morrison - Health and Lifestyle Educator, Author of her latest book 'The Art Of Self Love', Speaker, and Founder of Twenty8 Essentials has written five international best selling books including the very popular Like Chocolate For Women, Like An Apple A Day, About Face, Read My Lips and The LCFW 28 Day Programme. Kim has extensive and broad studies in aromatherapy, beauty therapy, nutrition, fitness, stress management, counselling and personality psychology.

While we discuss her personal story and realisations over the years, we’ll also be talking about some the deep work we can do to love ourselves. "I know that you know self-care is important. I also know that in a busy world where women are the primary carers and nurturers in all areas of life – home, work, family, friends, and community – we easily forget to look after us! This is not OK! YOU must put on your own oxygen mask first!" says Kim.

We also talk about her love of studying 'who we are and why we do what we do.' Is it Nurture or Nature or a mix of the two? Why is someone orderly and neat and others playful and fun, what drives us to do what we do, why do we act certain ways under stress as opposed to when life is going well? This was a very interesting segment for me. I really enjoyed speaking with Kim. We all need Kim in our lives to remind us that self care is not selfish, it’s essential.

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